Photos In A Glimpse Of The Times

The photos on this album are taken in a glimpse of the times that occur in everyday travel. Itโ€™s really flashy and it just use my Android mobile phone camera, without meticulous technical calculation of photography. It is just simple shots.

I took pictures randomly and not by accident if the object of the photo taken mostly is high-rise buildings. There are curved lines, shadows, framings and raindrops as supporting elements of a photo. At first glance it looks ordinary, but somehow I really like it.

Do you?

Tools: HUAWEI Nova 3i

A cloudy day
The sun goes down
The evening
Bright and shinny day
The dusk
Sunny day
The sunset
Rainy day
Sunny day in Surabaya
Dusk in Gotham City ๐Ÿ˜€
Waiting for boarding

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